A series of small scale photopolymer gravure etchings in response to the impressions of tyre tracks in the snow. The initial response is one of the aesthetic dynamism of the mark. This gives way to the transient physicality of the impression in the snow, suggesting the fragility of life and reminding us of the human impact on the environment.


Lockdown Collages

Although the opportunity and the time to create presented itself during lockdown, the gravitas of a hand produced mark seemed to pale into insignificance alongside the magnitude  of the impending pandemic. I looked to the photographic archive of material collected on my phone for inspiration and began to play directly with it, enjoying the direct approach of printing it out, cutting and collaging. I was also in the process of deciding what the future held for numerous boxes of toys and a collection of paper and carboard kit constructions. Along with many people in lockdown an opportunity to have a 'sort out'. The Lockdown Collages were the result.

There was without doubt an initial overwhelming distopian feeling to the general lockdown mood, but as the images developed, an occasional lightness of touch and playful humour surfaced, most notably in an homage to Richard Hamilton's iconic masterpiece of Pop Art .

The Lockdown Collages are a series of images created using a combination of traditional cut and paste collage techniques along with a very basic photographic app on an iPad. They were then printed out as A4 prints on a home printer, signed and numbered.

Offered initially as part of the Matthew Burrows' Artist Support Pledge campaign, they are still available in an edition of 20, individually signed and numbered. Each accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.