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Unique Composite Etching 2023

39 x 31.5 cm on Somerset Satin White 300g


This print is framed. Floated in a white box frame with low reflaction glass inmcluded. Dimensions including frame 47.5 x 39.5cm.


The urban development has and continues to obscure the view of London that I recognise, in the continuation of the amelioration process. In these prints I have overlaid the motif of the London Plane, so symbolic of the city, on a composite etching of hi-rise construction.


There’s real estate and unreal estate…
He tells them how nice, a tree, a shrub, see how it makes up for the noise and monstrousness of tearing down an old building and putting up a new building. That’s the whole secret of corporate structures, my friend.Tell the enemy you’ll plant some trees.

Don de Lilo


The recent Amelioration Series take physical subjects as their basis, to represent the human presence and it’s legacy. These prints focus on the impact of people, in their quest to make an improved society and the conflict between urban development and its ever-increasing effect on the environment. Although conscious of the footprint of human impact on the ground I am constantly aware of looking upwards, a neglected activity with our increasing fixation with our phones for direction and answers. The ever-increasing development above our eyeline, that which occurs outside of our consciousness but which greatly impacts our wellbeing and ultimately our future existence.

Plane Trees #II



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