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A hand drawn photopolymer gravure etching. A process usually associated with reproducing a photograhic image. This image, one of three was painted onto acetate which in turn was put through the photogravure process. The image only exists as the etching, making it unique, an essential quality of an original print. Printed on Somerset Satin 300g White Paper with Chine Collé. Hand torn with four deckal edges. Signed and numbered in pencil by the artist.

I Wasn't Brave Enough To Turn. - Liorah Tchiprout

  • My work is concerned with belonging, girlhood and the theatrical. I build physical puppet characters to construct my own pantheon from which to draw images. This methodology allows these characters to sit in between the real and the imagined, drawn from a reality that is constructed. Through them I am searching for a confronting gaze, a fleeting glance, intimacy - they become a conduit for feelings beyond words. I intend to build a world which recentres the stories of women and girls - a world for them to liaise, interact, and plot in.


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